Webshop Help


Access visma server:

Step 1. Enter your visma server url in the browser & open visma server login page.
                Example: https://eaccounting-sandbox.test.vismaonline.com/

Step 2. Please enter your visma username and password in the visma login form.

Step 3. After sucessfull login you will see below mentioned screen image.

Step 4.  Please click on salg option to get access to product,customer and order.

Step 5.  To see product list click on "artikler".

Step 6.  To see customer list click on "kunder.

Step 7.  To see order list click on "order".

Access visma sync service just open visma sync service URL provided to you by admin
     Example: https://visma.pressis.com

Step 1.Enter your webshop admin detail to login to visma sync service.

Step 2.Click on "Koble til Vista" button to connect to visma .

Step 3.Enter visma username & password provided by visma to sign in.

Step 4. Click on allow button to get permission from visma.

Step 5.You will see the visma home page

Step 6.First you need to make setting for webshop and visma by clicking on setting option present on right top cornor of page.

Step 7. Click on different button present on visma home page to synchronize product,contact and order.

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