Webshop Help

Step 1. In order to buy product click on shop/nettbutikk.

when you click on shop you will be redirected to the page shown below:

In this page you come across with lots of products as well as categories representing at the left side, you can shop from here, select the product you want to shop (click on the product to take a view about its description, price, special price, discount price) then add it to basket by clicking on the tab Kjop.

This is left menu,which shows the list of products in webshop with groups and subgroups.
  :  This option provide you the facility of shorting in this page.

  : This option provide you the facility of selecting in one time how many product you want to show in this page .

  :  This button will dispaly the information regarding website.

  :  This button will dispaly the information of selected products.

Step 2. If you don't see buy button then you need to login or register yourself to see buy button.

Step 3. To see detail description of product just click on product title.
You will be redirected to product detail page when you click on product title:

 Here you can see full description of the product ,you can also select number of product you wany to buy and click on kjop to buy them.

In this page you also have facility to print,share,add product to wish list and tell to friend about product. Click on zoom button to view zoom image.

Step 4. Just click on buy button to buy product.
You can add as many as products you want to buy after adding it to basket the varer will get increase as much as products you add in basket

Step 5.  click on Handlekurv button to view your selected product which you want to buy when you click on tab Handlekurv you will be redirect to the page showing below :

This page will display the list of all products you have shop with their price, quantity, total etc, as showing in picture.You can also delete ,increase and decrease the number of products from here, Further there are three buttons will present:

Fortsetee a handle: This is the page which will redirect you to the previous page of shop, from where you can add more products to your basket and can view all products.

Tom handlevogn: This is the way to make your basket empty , when you will click on it it will ask for the alert message (Du √łnsker √• fjerne alle elementer i handlevogn?), you will click on yes/no as per your requirements.

Ga till Kasse >>:This is the link when you click on this you will be redirected to payment option page.

Step 6.  when you click on Ga till Kasse button you will be redirected to another page as shown in picture below.

This section will display the product for which you are going to place order and make payment.

This section provide you the facility of chossing delivery mathod,payment method ,delivery address etc.

After selecting delivery method and payment options click on Bekreft bestilling to place your order.

Step 7. When you click on Bekreft bestilling button you will be redirected to the page shown below :

This page will display the details of your order,you also receive a order confirmation mail after placing order.
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