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This is the page which allow you to create and delete Loyalty program entry point .

Lojalitetsprogram navn: This option is used to write the name of Loyalty Program.

Punkt verdi: This option is used to write point for loyalty name defined above.

The grid view is used to display the loyalty program created .
  : This button is used to delete the loyalty program.

How to Get loyalty points :

Follow below step:
Step 1.  First create Loyalty program entry point from Loyalty_Point_Details_Entry.aspx page.

Step 2.  Attach loyalty points to product from Product_Loyalty_Point_Update.aspx you can go to this page clicking on loyalty icon on product list page.

Step 3.  Buy the product on which you attach points from product list page.

Step 4.  After buying the product points detail will appear on this page.

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